Karen Casey, Meditation Wall, ISEA Istanbul, 2011

Collateral Affections, TRANSITIO_MX4, Mexico City, 2011

William Kentridge, Castelmaine Visual Arts Biennale, 2011

Castlemaine Visual Arts Biennale, 2011

Frieze Art Fair, London, 2010

A Journey to Tibet, 2010

China Art Projects @ Melbourne Art Fair, 2010
China Art Projects represents Chinese and other contemporary artists in the international arena. At the 2010 Melbourne Art Fair works by Gonkar Gyatso were featured, along with pieces by Deng Yifu, Liu Zhuoquan, Hu Qinwu and Zhang Hongquan. For further information visit chinaartprojects.com

Contemporary Tibetan Art, Lhasa 2010
In June 2010 I took the train from Beijing to Lhasa. I'd always been fascinated by this ancient Buddhist land; but when I saw examples of the new contemporary art coming from Lhasa I wanted to meet the artists and see their works first hand.Tibet is an ancient culture and much of that is still in tact, despite its recent history and the modern buildings encircling its capital. This video is a short exploration of its contemporary art scene, juxtaposed with elements of the historic past, which is pretty much how I experienced the place to be.

Gonkar Gyatso and Liu Zhuoquan: World of Thousands, Space Station, Beijing 2010
Gonkar Gyatso and Liu Zhuoquan are two outstanding contemporary artists. This clip features their joint exhibition at Space Station in Beijing's 798 District in June 2010.